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Instigators ARISE!


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infernal realms



Wait a minute - we have an infernal realms? :blink:




Oh man. I've been searching for this. I'm so damn happy now! ^_^




Tommy. ::):::):::):::):::):



Sorry Tommy, I figured it was implied that I did the majority of the hangin out here in "the basement". My apologies.


However, there's plenty of room to hang out down here, and it really isn't as warm as initially guessed at by those that don't know any better. Well, except by the furnace (which, ironically, is where the slide made o' razors leads to. eh, Spartan6 insisted. He's kinda old-school about that sorta thing). But there's lotsa beer in the fridge (the cloud-hoppers can keep the mead. Too sweet) and there's no such thing as Ambrosia down here. We eat steak. Sure, sometimes it's flesh carved from the hides of the accursed, but mostly it's cow.


Warlord demos are held on a weekly bases, and there's enough paint and pewter to go around. All in all it's a fine gig here in Heck.


That's right, I said Heck. In this modern, PC world of ours, Hell just has too harsh a ring to it these days. So Heck it is. Don't like it, you can bring up the issue with my axe.


That's right. Axe. Pitchforks are dumb.




Kelcore, propriator; Heck-the Basement.

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*Heals Greyhawk'es Blindness and gives SPartan a weird look.*  "Why do you want to continue to torture him?"




He started it with all that poo flinging. :lol:

Ahem... I believe what began this little"skirmish" had something to do with, oh, say a spare box of plague, rain of fire and pestilence! ::P:

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