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Instigators ARISE!


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Besides, it's been a long, LONG time since I've been able to laugh as hard as I do at some of the stuff on this here thread I created. Sure, some of it could be construed as gross at times, but no more than some of the things you hear about on your local news every night. <_<

Like Kel said, it's a great way to blow off steam, a harmless way. If I've offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. But we're all just having a bit of fun... ::D:

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Can I get the Weather God/Goddess to give us a little rain to clean the repello field off please?

Sorry, That can't happen right now.



Rob McKenna has recently visited Columbus.


He is not happy with me. ::o:


Apparenty..... I towed a truck the other day labled something along the lines of "All Weather Haulage" :huh:



I have no idea why he is upset at me. ::o: Honest ::P:

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*feels herself turning green a bit still around the edges.*


I have to throw garbage into a dumpster at work several times day, today I had to physically walk into a 30 yard dumpster to deposit large wooden frieght pallets in it. Can we keep the slimy references to a minimum please?

Sorry :down:



No more stories about work. :down:












Accept this one :devil:


He He He

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Hey, Vin... do they make a rat poison for gods? Like God-X or something? ::P:



A little of this... a little of that...




*coughing, wheezing; hair frizzed out like Einstein and smoking*


Nope *cough*, that wasn't the right combo... :wacko:


*THUD (as Greyhawke collapses)*

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Hmmm, Vinny. You are aware that your 36 post from GODHOOD yourself and Greyhawke is likely trying to get you killed before you can attain your one true RING ::D:


By the way, this is a great thread, thanks for starting it Greyhawke



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Spartan stands quietly on the white marble terrace of Olympus in the fading light of the sunset, sipping from his steaming cup of coffee as the muck bombs strike the repello-field far above the temple domes.


Ba-boooomm...ba-boooomm..ba-boooommm...the shots echo softly off the field over and over. Sighing deeply he turns and walks back inside his own temple to ponder on the chaos, instigating and general rousing of rabble going on far below. Spartan sends a quiet blessing to his faithful and the Master, Bryan. The blessing allowing their swords and axes, spears and arrows, clubs and maces to find their marks with deadly accuracy. " I am with thee " he rumbles quietly as he picks up maps and papers trying to make some sense of the senselessness raging outside. Dropping heavily into his chair he muses aloud to none save the walls. " I admire their tenacity and drive to win, I truly do but this bombardment of Olympus is becoming intolerable. Never before in it's history has anyone dared lay siege to Olympus itself." His chuckle filling the room like a roll of thunder he continues. " It's not that they can really hurt anything, it's just so unseemly to look at. " Another thunder-like chuckle rolls through the room as Spartan sips his coffee and wonders what he may find clinging to the repello-field in the morning.

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*looks through the mirror that allows her to see what is happening out on the fields of battle and in the realm of the mortals.*


I see they are up to no good again.


*Waves a hand and utters a few words and while Vinny isn't looking she adds a clear neutralizer to his mixture and he doesn't know it.*


I think that will fix the problem.


*Goes back to enjoying blessing people with love and happiness.*

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thunder echoes across the sky, lightning dances from cloud to cloud following it in its spiraling concerto.


So they dare sling foul ediface upon the great temple of the gods.....


curse their catapults, weapons and guns. for every filthy projectile they cast at the gods, be it stone, bullets or raw sewage, will become slimy Orc Transvestites; and they will return to their masters to show them love.......


Lots of love.......


The corn of the mortal world once again rise into the army of 626s and wreak chaos on their world. steal all the toilet paper and leave them with nothing but their fingers................


Joins the gods for their morning ambrosia, turns to the funny pages of the godly times.....

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