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Instigators ARISE!


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Awwww... I had it going!


*throws down his sword, and stomps on it*




*takes a deep breath, and picks a peace of mangled flesh from his horn*


Alright, where the hell is the ambrosia, I need some chow...


*looks at Kelcore with a spiteful glance*


"Please, o' evil owner of this hell... A daemon needs food, ya know?"

There, that's better.


There's no ambrosia here. It's too sweet. We eat steak and pizza down here. There's leftovers in the fridge. Have at. If you absolutely must have something sweet, there's Reeses Peanut Butter cups in the freezer. Just don't hog 'em. K?


You still can't have the good beer yet. But I won't make ya drink Milwaukee's Beast either. Have some Coors. Or the Irish Coors known as Killians, if you'd like.

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*looks a heavenly ambrosia and mead placed upong a golden altar*


*winces at the holyness of it all*


"Alright, you win... Pass me the peanuts, please..."


*grabs a forty and chugs on it*

*slaps Vinny on the back*


That's the spirit! You get bonus cool points if the forty is something vile like King Cobra!

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*points to fridge* like I said, have at.


*wanders off to bed* remember, don't bogart my Peanut Butter cups. The remote to the TV is somewhere in the couch. Dosen't really matter though, all the naughty channels are blocked. All you can really watch is CNN and TLC. On the bright side, if Trading Spaces is on, yer in luck. Paige Davis is babelicious.

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*accidently breaks refridgerator door with his huge demon hands, blinks, grabs cheetos, and place the door back as if nothing had happen*


*sits down, turns to CNN, eats cheetos, and ponders how this is much better than wearing togas and lying on fluffy clouds*



Well... demons never looked good in towels, or saintly halos...

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Quickly exploits the hole knocked in the repollo field by vinny. :ph34r:


Chucks another trash truck at Olympus... skillfully dropping it in the open whole. :lol:









Also :;):





Reveals master plan to torment the Olympus gods with the opening of 'Papa Bears Boom Boom Room'. Papa Bears is the swigingest, hip hop bar dance club catering to tranvestites and gays of all kind especialy orcs.


The music reverberates through the halls of mighty Olympus....Boom boom boom, lets go back to my room, sista


The disco and strobe lights cascade upon the windows of the holyish. The neon glow casts a garish hue upon the streets paved of gold.








And before any of you try to retaliate against this I have all proper permits in order. The empty lot in question stratgicly placed just outside the back gates of Olympus has had all zoning changes made and approved through the Olympian zoning commision. The public meeting to file a formal complant are over with, I am assuming the reason you all didn't attend these pubic meeting is because you are fat on your honey and your mind is dim from your glutinay on ambrosia.



This is approved in full, including the rezoned noise ordance, now deal with the parking problem. :lol:

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