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Instigators ARISE!


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Hey Enchantra. Every pantheon has its troublemakers.. your basic Promethiusses and Lokies, right?


Maybe y'all ought to chain him to a rock and let the birdies eat his liver, eh? *giggles*


Or maybe you oughtta tie his... *recalls a particularly funny but not-for-general-audiences story about Loki* .... or maybe not. *giggles more*

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Well, my home ain't up there...


*points to the heaven where Olympus is*


It's down here! ^_^


*points to open sewer grate that's actually the secret entrance to the Basement*



*looks inside Vinny's Mind to see if he is still in his right mind*


The "Basement" is the basement of Reapergard/Olympus, therefore you are destroying your home. When you are in the basement you cannot hear the bombs and other strang happenings going on overhead??

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No! I was listening to the CNN news! :blink::blink::blink:


You mean the basement is UNDER the Reaperguard? :huh::blink:




*calls for one final air-drop of booze*


Alright, that should restock the fridge. :ph34r:^_^


*heads down the sewer grate, appears in Basement, sits down and enjoys a cold one*




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After all, to quote Strongbad.. "A "one" that is not cold is hardly a "one" at all."


Bear with me a moment while I get mathmemamatical.


I joined almost a year ago, (it'll be my one-year anniversary tomorrow) and it wasn't until sometime right before ReaperCon that I finally made my 50th post, most of those fifty being made in the month just prior to ReaperCon. It took almost all the months of May and June before I managed my next 50, but two months is alot shorter than six. Now here it is October and I'm nearing 500, which means it took me only 4 months to add another 400 to my post-count.


50 total count in 6 months = 8.3 posts per month

50 more in next 2 months = 25 posts per month

400 more in next 4 months = 100 per month.


Taking into account the increase in posts-per-month, I ought to be moving on up to the Deelux-Apartment in the Sky sometime in February.




*starts packing up the memories of her Mostly-Harmlesshood to prepare for the move*

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