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Instigators ARISE!


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There's posts missing...


Did an admin delete my post?  :blink:

Not without notifying you that they had . . . perhaps there was a glitch.

I've had this happen before to myself so I have pondered if the board has a glitch in it someplace that no one is aware of, or is unable to fix.

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I'll summarize for you Fuzzy


Greyhawke is a little crazy and likes to try to think up torments for those of Godlike status.


There is retaliation.


Greyhawke recruits new Instigators to his rabble.

New gods ascend.


The two sided torments continue.


Etc, etc, etc.


There is a great deal of hilarity in the details however, so I would definitely recommned taking the time to read.

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No biggie.. It was just more senseless prattle anyway. Something about going down to the basement for a beer and painting tips. *shrugs*

Fridge is over there. *points*


Thin yer paints, use good brushes, the NHLPA needs to be destroyed.


What a hockey-lockout has to do with painting is something you'll have to guess at. ;) It's kinda like the meaning of life like that.

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Heavens, do you ever quit?   :blink:


You know, even the instigating ones need sleep....

I believe we Instigators continue instigating until we become Enlightened, then quiet down and sleep. ::P:

That certainly doesn't explain Greyhawke then....

I've been hibernating for the last three days whilst the bumbling idiots at Qwest figure out how they screwed up our DSL connection. Guess what? I'm back... ::D:

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