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Instigators ARISE!


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Darn! You found me out! Well, not really... if I did it just to get my post count up, I'd have more than my current 1/5 of the posts on this topic biggrin.gif Although it does appear that I have unwittingly stumbled upon a hit! (Here, Saint, here's another Pasture Patty to lob at Spartan! Quick! Before he sees you!)


It's nice to have a topic where everyone can just be silly for once biggrin.giftongue.gifbiggrin.gif


PS- It's been so long since I did any organized RPG-ing that I'd be totally lost at first. Anyone care to help? I'd love to try it biggrin.gif


*SCREECH- the sound of chalk scraping across the chalkboard*

That's one more! Only 885 to go blink.gif


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*stand up from being mostly harmless and preaches about the end of the world*

"My fellows the end of times has finally come. Some among us have angered the gods and they shall now visit a royal smiting upon us. Not just a normal smiting Like Sodom and other such places but more like an Egypt times 3 type smiting. Yes you heathens and unbelieves not only will the 1st born die but also your 3rd cousin twice removed. Prepare my fellow humans for we can do nothing against these mighty powers. Only a sacrifice of these so called "Instigators" and there henchmen the "Rabble-rousers". Death will visit us all as bad things happen. Lots of bad things and stuff.

*goes back to being mostly harmless*

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