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Instigators ARISE!


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Aw, heck, Everyone can come... except the Gods! They mock us and our pie, therefore they do not deserve our worship! :devil:


Or our offerings of pie, either! ::P:


Besides, the gods didn't make apple pie trees because they didn't think of it first ::P: Hence, I have created the Apple Pie Bush! It's very similar to the Cherry Pie Bush ::D:

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Damn! Who turned out the lights? :huh: Now see, Unglef? If KAMUT hadn't blown up our sun, you might've been able to SEE the pie... but alas, you are now blinded as well :B):


BTW, congrats KAMUT! You are now to be reviled along with the rest of your "Godlike" brethren! ::P:

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However, I will be the first to congratulate you! ::D:

Um, hate to burst your bubble mortal, but, you would be the second.:B):



See my previous post, slowpoke. ::D:

I'm apparently not the ONLY slow one here, Ghost, for if you'll notice, I already edited MY post! ::P:

Going back to edit your post won't let you get one past us!

I had already captured the quote!!



Kamut, Let's start playing billiards with those rocks they call planets. That'll show them

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