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Instigators ARISE!


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ahhhhhhhhhh, hold one. (hope you got some motrin mortals)


Creates a celestial basketball court


dribbles the shiny blue planet.


jumps from center court doing 8 spins, meanwhile shuffling the shiny blue planet around him, after the last spin, tongue hanging out the mouth, extends the body into a furious DUNK, the backboard shatters!!!!!!!!


always wanted to be like Mike!

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Thats because Mike is yet a mere mortal; gods don't get dizzy.........hehehe


passes the shiny blue planet

:wacko: *and KAMUT promptly pukes and passes out* :wacko:


Oh, I'm sorry, KAMUT. But your status is set to GodLIKE"! Cleanup on aisle S (for Solar System)! ::P:

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he dares assign an attribute to the god, hehehehe


Godlike, therefore like a god, thus gods don't get dizzy, thus Kamut, like a god does not get dizzy.


picks up the shiny blue planet, puts it on his finger (right in the general vicinity of a rather brash Goldfish), spins it.


the friction causes the water around the Goldfish to heat up


"hey look, Boiling Nemo!"



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Lord of the Bling Bling

Kamut's form assembles from mist, he smiles an evil smile. Today, evil incarnate will be unleashed on the world of mortals. His arm extends foreward then upwards as a mighty citidel of rock and dust rose from the ground. Clouds swirl, spitting lightning onto the Earth. Thunder rumbles in concert with the earth, violently shaking as if the very foundation of heaven and hell were to crumble.


the mist reappeared atop the jagged citidel.


I will take leave shortly, but my army will riegn chaos in my absence. No mortal will dare blaspheme the gods, and the instigators will tremble in fear.


he pondered momentarily, then smiled again, for he knew what being would make the perfect instrument of his madness. with a chuckle, he visualized the corn growing in Tatsu's field, and that of all mortals. The head of each stalk dropped to the earth, and began to take form.


Yellow turned to blue


Plant to animal


leaves to claws


Corn to


Experiment 626?


perfect, for what other being could contend with the wrath of the gods; the corn of this earth will become an army of experiment 626's


"Go now my children, raise chaos in the streets, steal the left shoe of every mortal you meet, reverse street signs, back up sewers, for the mortals will regret the day they blasphemed against the gods................."

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