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Skirmish Campaign


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Okay, many of you won't care, but some folks may remember the truly legendary game, Space Crusade. It was simplistic and fast: up to 3 "good guys" faced off against one "bad guy" in a Space-Marines Vs Chaos board game with campaign rewards for all players to power up your squad (or horde).


Okay normally I dislike a lot of GW stuff but this game was great fun and no more tactically unsound than WH40K, whilst being much easier and quicker to play.


I found a couple of websites that revive this speedy hack-and-splatter boardgame as a tabletop skirmish game, and greatly did I regret that I am 2 hours from my nearest old gaming buddy or indeed any gaming buddies at all. Could someone with the time and opponents give these a go and have fun for me while I'm busy being a Dad and a Carer in the land of Farm Far Away?




Original Space Crusade reworked for hexes.




A bigger and slightly meatier reworking with masses of campaign material.

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