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anyone ever use the old floquil figure flat?

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i just recently started painting again after about a 9 year hiatus. (lurking on these boards for the past few months has really helped though.) i used to use the old floquil figure flat in the green and white can, but i havent been able to find this product since i started painting again. the guy at my not-so-flgs told me floquil was bought by testors, and now all their stuff is made for railroads, and the formulas are all different from the old ones.


in the past i tried testors dullcoat (brush on) and was not happy with the results, as it had a tendency to discolor my hard work. (i dont like the idea of coating my minis with something amber colored and as opaque as my favorite hefeweizen-besides, now my jar of it is 14 years old :poke:) i recently tried the spray on dullcoat (man stuff got expensive in the intervening years!!) and again it dulls the color.

ive read the threads about sealers, but no one has mentioned the old floquil figure flat-that was the best stuff on the market: COMPLETELY flat and didnt dull my colors. what do you guys use now that as far as i can tell this product is no longer available? cmon jester, flynn, anne -talk to me here guys-what wont dull my vibrant colors?

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I haven't seen an effect of DullCote spray dulling my color, it only makes the surface Matte. I was told at the local hobby store that the bottled DullCote was recommended for airbrush only, not for use as a brush-on finish, so that could explain a problem if it went on too thick.


Yes, Floquil is part of Testor's now.

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I really don't like Dull Cote. Maybe I put it on too heavy. Maybe it's Florida's humidity. Maybe I don't wait long enough between my two shiney coats and my dullcoat. Whatever the reason, I find Dull Cote dulls down my metals and wipes out layering. Krylon Satin, on the otherhand, does neither. GW Matt does pretty well too. I have a brush on Matt sealer that I like.


But Dull Cote? Bleh. ::P:

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I use the Floquil Figure Flat, works just fine for me, even after Testors got a hold of it. I have been using it for at least 15 years now.

DUUUDE! i am now a happy born-again mini painter! figure flat is the shizznit. i hope the formula is the same as the old-it has the same product number but of course it is now in 3 oz cans (vs. the old 5 oz, at a buck more).

For all those looking for an alternative to dullcote, which does give a slight amber tint to your minis, according to many, look no further. although fair warning-a coat of glosscoat underneath might be the ticket for gaming minis, as this can rub off over time on frequently handled gaming minis.


also, ill have to look into the future floor wax with matte agent airbrushed on treatment. but for now, ill stick with good ol figure flat.


WARNING-this product is REALLY FLAT, and has a tendency to make your metallic bits look less like they are coated with metallic paint, so will render well shaded/highlighted metallics into something a little more (uncomfortably so for many) like nmm. youve been warned :B):

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