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I already posted this question in another forum but this area gets the most traffic so I am trying here.


I am looking to put some vines and leaves on my project that I am working on. Does anyone know where I can get realistic vines/leaves? I at the point now where I am about to attempt to make vines using a thin bead of glue on the wall. I really don't like the idea because I really like the wall and I could see the potental for disaster here.


I've already tried wire for the vines but I am not quite sure how to attach the leaves to make it realistic. So does anyone out there make any suggestions/ web pages that could help?


All thoughts welcome.

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I've personally never seen premade vines small enough to fit our scale,

but that doesn't mean they don't exist, either.

I like your attempt of using the green floral wire and leaf litter. The sturdy wire will hold it's shape very well and not need too many contact points.

Glue the leaf litter on in areas as needed and slowly craft your vine to hide

or expose details on your project. Hope it works. ^_^

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I'm not sure if you saw this in your other thread, so I'll re-post it here.


This was posted by battleMountainminis in Jester's Cork Bases tutorial thread:


I have figured out another use for cork and pumice paste..


Use it (cork) standing on flat edge and you have a great rock wall with ivy climbing..


for the ivy take a thin brush and drag it up or down wiggling around the wall (your preferance) and then blot the leaves with paste

( trick: do the leaves after the "vine" has dried and add more tiny grit sand for smoother leafy look shake off excess sand) Paint and you're done


It really resembles an old wall near a ruin.. a little clump of W.S. foliage and instant backround


Sounds like a good formula. If it looks like I'm imagining, you could be done right there, or add some H&A leaves to finish it off.

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Thanks for the help guys. I will definately use these pages in the future. It seems that the H&A vines are out of stock. I ended up making my own using the same princables as the H&A vines out of Cheese cloth. I still have to wait for the foliage to become instock.


Thanks again.



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