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I certianly hope we don't get dubbed 'black shirts'.... there were mutterings concerning that topic at Origins and I really wouldn't like it becoming more popular.


However, 'dudes in black shirts' would be okay :o)


As for CAV, it's so easy to learn that I've taught my 8 year old niece how to play. She's still learning the names of the CAV's but she knows the rules... and she's also the youngest member of the Church of the Great Ogre (praise his name).


And you think the rules and pictures have a 'wow' factor, just wait until you see 25,000 points per side duking it out on a 10x8 table with astounding terrain. That has a hefty 'drool' factor... trust me, I'm an expert on the subject :o)

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Frosch, the Great Ogre is everywhere..... but only those attuned to his benevolence and love can hear his words. To date, only two have been blessed in such a fashion.


And I could get used to DIBS, although we are AO's which I think would be better :o)

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I know Frosch, but I try to not let it go to my head! :o)


And I simply comment on things that I feel I should comment on. I try to not post really stupidly short things but I just coudln't think of anything else to use in reply.

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Play nice you two.   :p


I already know about Frosch attempting to be the Uberposter.


All hail the all mighty Ogre, may all bask in the presence of.


As for being recognized at AO's, black shirts, whatever.  As long as we get good recognition, it's all a good thing.

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