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Oh, wow

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Okay, calm down Frosch.


*Basks with a proud look on his face*


There, that better? :o) Still, least you know when you've been bested. Lots of people I know don't :o)


And I was playing nice as well. You can't go mixing frog-people and crazed wolf-people and not expect them to be a little 'ecsentric' though :o)


Frosch, you have commented several times that you cannot ever hope to close in on my post total on Mil-Net but you have expressed certain disheartenment that you couldn't :o) So, I can see how Wolf would get that impression.


And we should all bask in the glory of the Great Ogre, we should all acknowledge his supreme benevolence and take up arms in prayer to him!!

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I said it helps, not "it makes me more ridiculously prolific than I am already".  Besides, if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't be running Windows.


And to yank this kicking and screaming back on topic, I know there are some of you who haven't looked at the CADs for the new CAV minis posted in the Mil-net forums.  Go look.  Shoo.  They're cool.

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Yeah, and I'm still a little annoyed, mainly on principle though, that the Ogre wasn't offered up for praise.


I say praise because we all know the Ogre is perfect so there wouldn't be any nit picking with it.


Of course, my biggest pet annoyance is that I don't have any Ogres yet... but I'm taking solace from the fact that no-one else has any either :o)

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Yeah I know, but still :o)


And I'm more interested in Falcons, Duelists and a couple of other designs.


Don't get me wrong, the Ogre is a cool model and I can't wait to spray some paint on them, but as far as tactically versatile and usefulness in general battles they, like all of the super-heavies, are lacking. Still don't mean I won't field one but I would rather see some things which are of more everyday use, like the Knight, Tsuiseki and Regent.

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Just for you Frosh, as I'm just catching up to what's been going on here.  :p  :D


Anyway, after a few games, most of us figure on using the "super" heavies for more defensive or major terrain games.


I'm not sure about any of the battle reports from Origins ( HINT, HINT!!!) but with larger battle fields, the speed of those CAVs becomes a liability.


As much as I love the Ogre, I'll only be using it on a limited basis, as my "mediums" and "lights" will be handling most of the work too.

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