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But the good thing there is that they're so slow the enemy doesn't have to worry about them all that much - unless there's a mismatch or one side is out numbered.


But I will admit that nickle and dime stuff against a super heavy (which is pretty much all most people can expect) can actually mean the difference between the Ogre stomping the RHino into the ground or the Ogre getting beat up while pummelling the Rhino.


Still, it's all good fun in the end - and that's the point afterall :o)

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However, if I have to deal with a superheavy, I'd rather have a superheavy available with which to deal it.
I prefer a Whisper. While its most likely that you'll only damage a Superheavy and not kill it, I'd much rather face a Rhino on its 4th or 5th DT than a fully functioning one. ;)
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lstorm, go to www.cavhq.com or www.mil-net.net and hunt around till you find the CAV rules available for download.  It's all there in PDF, plus the data cards for the original CAVs.  I don't know if stats and point costs have been updated for the Journal of Recognition, but it's certainly worthwhile anyway.
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they're fairly easy to kill even with the low soft killing ability of most superiority CAV's including the super-heavies.
You must roll badly Frank.  I've yet to see a Whisper killed by anything other than IF fire or something like a Vanq or Puma.


And with three panicked Specters and several infantry mortars shooting at it, it goes splat really quickly.
Well if that's the case, you just focused the majority of your firepower for one turn on a single, disposable model, which means my other guys are free to do as they please. ;-)


www.mil-net.net and hunt around till you find the CAV rules available for download
There shouldn't be much hunting, the link is right at the top of our homepage! :-)
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