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Oh, wow


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Considering they have a +4 ARM on DT 0, I don't think the die as quickly as somebody is making them out too.  Isn't that the highest ARM any soft target has??  


That, and Chrome is right about using so much firepower on a disposable target.  If you can't get your people out of the way, then it's understandable, but either way, you leave yourself open to a whole lot of return fire from every other enemy model out there.


I know I'll be trying to use them in larger games (4000+ points) just to got the feel of them and see people's reaction to them.    :laugh:  :p

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The Whisper has +4 ARM!?!?!?!


Okay, when did that change, or is by brain simply remembering it wrong. I thought the Whisper was like +1 (which isn't hard for a pair of +6's - like a Rhino) but +4 makes them a whole new bar of chocolate.


I must commune with the Great Ogre on this....

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Nonono, what you do is, you drill a hole in the bottom of the missile, and put a wire on the launcher rack to hold it in place.  That way, you can remove the missile whenever you want.





 |----   <-this is the wire you put on the launcher rack.



Try it, it's really neat.

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