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IMMPS Guest Nite Picture

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Heck, I'm late! I promised to post this last weekend! Here's a shot of the IMMPS (Illinois/Midwest Mini Painters Society) at our Friday Gather at Comic Quest in West Dundee. I'll give you the list, you can figure out who is who...


David Dresch (dresch) in back, me, aka Sue Wachowski (paintminion), Rich Riley (skya's hubby), Kellyn and Frosch, towards the front there's George (eastman), Dan in back (somebody tell me Dan's last name guys), and last but never least, Noel Meyer who is skya on these boards.


A great time was had by all and IMMPS welcomes are newest honorary members! Thanks for coming out guys!



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We had a fantastic time! Thanks everyone, for sharing paint and conversation and FUN! *grin*


And yes, Frosch always has a froggy shirt on. We got him a number of them to use as demo uniform instead of CAV shirts. *heh*



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