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Dune- Land of Sand (OCC)

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Hey guys!


I'm thinking of starting a D&D 3.5 game set in the Dune universe.


This game's story line is slightly alternated from that of the computer game or the book, but is rather, a mix of both. If you have read or played at least one or the other (both is even better), than you will see lots of familiar stuff that somewhat links the game/book to the Dune story. If you haven’t, that’s all right too, because I’ll explain more about the world in-game anyhow…


Paul Atreides has not yet set foot on the world. Duke Leto Atreides has not yet aquire sovereignity of Dune. The "war" (Dune game) for the planet has not yet started. The Harknonnens are the masters of Dune, while the Emperor has allowed the sovereignity to be passed to any house who can take the Jewell of the Imperium. Three Houses, the Ordos, the Atreides, and the Harknonnens have prepared themselves, and are ready for that moment... when diplomacy fails.




The planet Arrakis, known as Dune, is the beating heart of the Imperium. From its sands, the spice Melange, from which the whole galaxy depends on to survive, is harvested and distributed. The Emperor has called a challenge. The house that can harvest the most spice will gain sovereignty over Arrakis. Three houses have readied themselves to meet the challenge, and have mobilized their military resources onto Arrakis. The Harkonnens of Giedy Prime has sent troops to Arrakis to fortify their territory. The mysterious Ordos, bargaining with unknown and shady sources, are scheming their way to victory. From Caladan, the noble Atreides have laid claim to their land as well. The Femen, the native of Dune, is untrusting of these newcomers. They hate Harkonnens, but respect the Atreides (they aren’t allies yet). The dune sands of Arrakis can be a treasure horde for the strong, or a scorching death trap to those too weak to survive…




Dune will run from a modified D&D 3.5 rather than modern D20. Here are the modifications.


-There are only two races in this world. Humans, and Fremen (elf). Also, Fremen is a language, and is the equivalent of Elvish. Humans subclasses includes:


*Atreides- (-1 wis, +1 con, +1 cha)


*Ordos- (-1 con, +2 dex)


*Harkonnen- (-1 cha, -1 dex, +1 str, +1 Con)


-There will be no magic. No Wizards, and no Sorcerers, no Paladins, no Monks, no Bards. Clerics will be "Medic". Rogues will be “Agents”, Fighters will be “Troopers”, and Rangers would be “Dunesmen”. You will all automatically get Exotic Weapons Proficiency with Firearms (rifles, and pistols), but not EWP-Futuristic (lasers), unless you take it.


-There will be only one spell, and three potions. The spell is cure moderate wound, which is accesed by the Medic. Each has three "heal" spells at 1st level, with one more for each 2 increasing level. Potions (or med-packs) are "Cure light wounds", "Cure Moderate", and "Cure critical". All prices are the same.


-Ride skills can be stretched to these new “creatures”, or rather vehicles. You can “ride” all-terrain vehicles (trikes, quads, sand bikes), Ornithopters (kinda helicopters), and even tanks!


-New Feats:

1: Sand Runners. This will give you the ability to walk on the sands without attracting Sand Worms. Fremens and Dunesmen will get this as a bonus at the beginning of the game, but others need to take it later.




Remember, you might need to have some background. For example, a Harkonnen merc can’t just waltzed up to the Atreides looking for a contract. He’ll get shot! It would be more appropriate if he is hiding his past or something, or just wants to start a new life and forget completely about his heritage and keeping it secret. Same goes for Ordos. You can play Fremen, but the current situation, you might play like you are still untrusting of humans.


Create your character and its background, and I’ll fit you in. At the moment, Gurney Halleck and Mentat Thufir Hawat of House Atreides has hired a band of mercenaries to help with their ensuing conflict. The war has not started yet, so it’s still cool out there… for the time being.


Character starts at 3rd level.


Character sheets and stats are the same as D&D 3.5, level 3.


I need about 5 players.

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New Equipments-


-Thumpers: Set one up, and eventually, a Sand worm will be attracted by the thumping, and will arrive. (70 credits)


-Light Health Potions are First-Aid. (50 credits)


-Moderrate Health potions are Med. Packs. (300 credits)


-Greater Health Potion is Med. Kit. (750 credits)



Ammunition: Ten bullets weighs a pound. A magazine for automatic rifle and pistols weighs a pound also. Cost for a pack of ten bullets, or one magazine is 2 credits.


Pistol: Dmg- 2d4 (S), 2d6 (M). Critical-x2. Range- 40 ft. Weight- 3 lb. Dmg Type- Piercing.


Semi-Automatic handgun. Can fire 15 times before reloading. Weapon can shoot more than once if user has the ability to make multiple attacks. Reloading takes a move action. (50 credits)


Rifle, Carbine: Dmg- 2d8 (S), 2d10 (M). Critical- x2. Range- 80 ft. Weight- 8 lb. Dmg Type- Piercing.


A carbine rifle can fire 10 bullets before reloading. Reloading is a full-round action. (100 credits)


Rifle, Assault: Dmg- 2d6 (S), 2d8 (M). Critical- x2. Range- 80 ft. Weight- 8 lb. Dmg Type- Piercing.


An Assault Rifle can fire 30 times before reloading. It can fire one shot at its maximum (or closer), range. It can also shoot a three round burst at any target at half the range, and –3 to the attack role because of the inaccuracy. Reloading is a full-round action. (150 credits)


-Laser Weaponry:


Energy Cells: Ammunition for Laser Weapons. Weighs one pound. Cost 5 credits.


Laser Pistol: Dmg- 3d4 (S), 3d6 (M). Critical- x2. Range- 40 ft. Weight- 3 lb.


A laser pistol fires 15 times before reloading. Rate of fire is equal to the number of attacks the user can make. Reloading is a move action. (100 credit)


Laser Rifle: Dmg- 3d6 (S), 3d8 (M). Critical- x2. Range- 80 ft. Weight- 8 lb.


A laser rifle can fire 10 times before reloading. Reloading a new energy cell is a move action. (200 credit)


-All weapons I have listed here can be master-worked, at the cost of a master work weapon. Players should consider taking a slightly higher dexterity score if they plan on being a rifleman.


-Water is necessary in the waste. A “litterjon” of water weights 5 pound and can allow the whole party to last in the desert for over 2 weeks. A still-suit can also allow a human to last 2 more weeks (for a total of 4 week with the litterjon of water). Without water, you would only last a day or two in the sandy wasteland before you die.


1 litterjon of water costs 10 credits. Still-suits can only be bought off of the Fremen at certain places for 100 credits each.


-Armors: Basically, I just renamed the armors found in the Player Handbook.


“Armor Vest” is Leather. “Light Armor” is Studded Leather. “Combat Armor” is chain mail. “Full Combat Armor” is Half-Plate. “Power Armor” is Plate Armor.


You can use any other weapons, such as swords, scimitars (especially fit for Fremen), and even spears. Combat knives can be considered a dagger. All rules for these weapons and the armor can be found in the Player Handbook.

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A few questions though:


1) What point system are you using for character generation?


2) Are mentat's evailable as a class? If so what would the equivelent be? (Please fogive my spelling this morning.) Perhaps a Psion?


3) You have not specifically eliminated druid as a class, I presume that they are not available though.


4) If I recall correctly in Dune the still suit could keep a fremen alive indefinitely in the deep sand, is that superceded by the rule you have above?


5) Is multiclassing allowed? i.e. Could one play a dunesmen (ranger) agent (rogue)?


6) If one were to play a dunesman could they take one of the noble houses as a favored enemy with out the evil requirement normally attached to taking humans as a favored enemy?

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Games are played with Fantasy D&D 3.5, with added "futuristic" weapons.


Mentats are not available class.


Druids are not available.


Still suits don't last forever. Hell, how would you feel living off your own distilled body fluids without proper water? :poke:


Multi-class is available. All rules for the class I have above are in the D&D 3.5 PHB.


You are all proficient with Exotic: Firearms (all rifles and pistols), but not lasers.


A Dunesmen is a Ranger. In Dune, you can take Human as favored enemy without being evil. If you have human as favored, all the houses fall into that category. However, if you take a specific house as favored enemy (like Harkonnen, I.E. Aiming for the Heart Plug), you get +2 against that house, but -2 against the other houses.





By the Way:


I need regular posters. At least one post a day is enough, as I would probably update the game once a day, maybe two IF need be. ::):

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I will be honest and say while the setting appeals I am not sure about the system. As an example why be a medic ? you now suck as a character class, I mean you get one ability and very few feats or anything else going for you compared to the Rogue and Fighter, also the ranger is somewhat penalised as they lose thier magic but that only comes in at higer levels. These abilities were there to balance the character types. I would drop Cleric and just have a new ability or feat of "Treat Wound" or something like that.


As I said before on IM I think this needs to be using D20 modern which is more geared up for this style of game.


But I will have a think and see if a character concept comes to me.


As 3rd level characters how many credits do you start with.


Also what about other modern equipment (EG Radios, computers, etc)



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Well, I considered using D20 Modern. However, after reading through the book, it's too complicated for a sci-fi game with barely any sci-fi stuff other than background. If I was to use modern, I would use it for a game set in, say, Manhattan New York, or Prohibition Chicago (where there are many oppurtonity to make good use of it).


In Dune, the setting is more fantasy in it's core (especially with Fremen), with futuristic tech to add to the story's setting. You would find thousands of futuristic tech on, say Caladan or Giedy Prime, but this is Dune. Arrakis is , more or less, a deathworld. Without it's Spice, it would be just a primitive and backwater world.


I intend the Medic class to be a "Multi-class". Basically, you would get maybe two or three levels of medic to be able to heal, and the rest of the levels would be Trooper. I mean, an 11th level medic would be a doctor with a gun, not a military combat medical officer. :poke:


3rd level start out with +100 to whatever your 1st level credit "gp" roll is.


Radios are dangerous. You can talk to your own personels, if you want, but with the advanced relay systems, the enemies might hear you. Most radios are specific objects that will be included in many missions. You won't be using it alot, so don't worry. Trust your gun. ::):

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