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Dune- Land of Sand (OCC)

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Masterwork Armor is still there. There will be occasional items that are +1, or +2, by means of advanced technology and such, but that'll be somewhat later in the game. They'll be rare, so don't count on having one early on.


Crysknife is an example. ::):




AGENT/Trooper skill:


Demolition: INT+Rank


Good for planting bombs, and deactivating bombs.




ALso, Ride skills comes in three.


Ride: All Terrain Vehicles (trikes, quads, buggies, etc)


Ride: Heavy (Tanks, Missile Carriers, Turrets)


Ride: Others (others)

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I guess there are other computers used for lower needs. A mentat is a living computer used to calculate stuff. But then, there are always control interface, like say...


The control to a ornithopter hangar could count as a computer you need to hack through to pen the doors. Or a interface to deactivate cameras and such. ::):

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