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Dune- Land of Sand (OCC)

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Keep this in mind:


A shield (which is usually held only by the higher-ranking official, as this is a war), can have good and bad result.


Shoot a shield with a gun, and it deflects the hit (75% deflection) and a 2 DR/ Shield.


Shoot a shield with a laser, and you get a nice reanaction of Hiroshima.


The best way to beat a shield-bearer is to get into melee with a close-combat weapon.


You can tell a shield-bearer by the belt he wears, or the light blue haze that surrounds the person (the haze is darker/lighter depending on the shield's effect). The shield crackles when you shoot it with a firearm.

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regular steps= wormcall

No math required for that one.

Also vinny how many gulps can I get out of my literjons?

Is there going to be some feat involving shield fighting in close quarters since you have to slow the blade down some to penatrate the shield or just a negative modifier on to hit rolls.

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Most of you guys have 100 Credits to spare.


What do you guys intend to buy at the Baazar?


A lone Fremen trader (if you can spot one) would sell Stillsuits, Fremen Cloaks, and other stuff. However, expect the cost to be much higher than normal (due to it being "imported" Fremen goods)...

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