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Dune- Land of Sand (OCC)

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A tent (stilltent) cost 10 Credits.


A binocular costs 5 Credits.


Stillsuit repair kit cost 50 Credits.


A compass cost 5 Credits


If I can negotiate prices low enough I will get a thumper as well.


A thumper costs 70 Credits

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Chuza, I will chip in for a repair kit and the thumper, I would also like a side arm and some extra carbine cartriges. also some rope or quick cuffs might come in handy.


Is the army supply going to kick in food or do we need to buy that as well?

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Once you reach the Spaceport, you will be ordered to go to the QUartermaster.


Just to let you know beforehand, the Quartermaster has been ordered to supply each of you with a free supply pack.


The pack (a pouch) includes:

- 1x Litterjon of water.


- 4x ration


- 1x First Aid pack (Light health potion)

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Stillsuits cost 100 credits if bought inside of a Sietch. If bought from outside of the Sietch, they cost 200 credits.


The Fremen trader charges extra for hauling it across the hazardous sand to the town for trading, and he also has to show you how to wear one (which is as important as buying the suit itself).

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