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Dune- Land of Sand (OCC)


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Just a quick question Vinny you said that we might go up to level four. What abilities are you going to substitute for the rangers spellcasting at that level?

I said when you did, please PM me the change in the stats. ::):


Instead of getting spells, you get a bonus feet every two levels after 4th (when you reach 6 you get another feat, and 8, and so on...).

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600 xp. for all of you in the craft during the ride.


1000xp for Durak for the jump outside. He passed about 5 rolls, which would have killed him if he failed two or three of them.


To tell you the truth, I would have actually expected someone to have tried to hack the inside cargo release panel instead of jumping out... ^_^

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Hehe... I wish I could have seen the look on both of your PCs' faces when they saw that! ::D:


Oh, btw, if you need to know...


A Fusion Bomb is not an Atomic Bomb. Its an over-ionized generator that is quite unstable. When overloaded (armed), it explodes and can take out... say... a baseball stadium. It is NOT legal in ANY way (most people would consider it or mistake it for atomics), but some houses secretly (HARKS... ahem) smuggle the tech to "even the odds". The can be compared to shooting a shield with a lasgun, but in the end, the result is all the same...


Boom... ^_^

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Ok, what does everyone wish to do?


So far, the option you guys have proposed so far are:


1- Sleep the night off and ride the next day.


2- Walk to the next rock (these are from the Fremen).


3- Ride the trikes to the next rock.


I'm just clarying as to what everyone would probably be doing. I'm assuming riding the trikes, right? ::):

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