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Dragons are a girl's best friend

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humph, I try to start a serious topic, and I get bad filking and silly stuff about ketchup. ::P:

sorry Cerridwyn it must be a carry over from the instigators thread :blush:


Seriously though you have a good point. Dragons are a very large icon in pop culture. Even Granny Gross knows what a dragon is (I swear I'm not trying to be funny :mellow: I really did have a Granny Gross). While poeple may not know what a goblin is or have ever heard of a hobbit before, they will reconize a dragon quite easily and ignite their imagation quickly.


Not to mention having a huge beast lording over a tabletop is very I catching :wow:

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I'm using T'Raukzul. I know it's discontinued, but you can still order it through the Reaper website. I picked it for the stance and the sculpt. I wanted a dragon with an upright stance (since it would fit better on the CD and be more visible) and a really impressive sculpt.


Marthrangul is a very cool sculpt, but the crouched stance would make it a little less visible and more difficult to fit on a CD without lots of it hangining over the edge. I've heard Marthrangul fits on a CD, just barely.


Verocithrax has the right stance, but I'm not that impressed with the sculpt. I'd say the same for Kaladrax.


So T'Raukzul is my baby.


The dragon definately makes for an appealing presentation. I guess the forces I was playing helped too. I had six skirmish groups in the table, each with a leadership model, two archers and six grunts.


Out of 55 minis (counting the dragon) that I had on the table, all but five had a pretty decent paint job. Since I attended Origins in June, it has been one of my goals to be able to table a force like this. It's cool to see that I'm almost there.


Oh, and the chiding about going off-topic is tounge in cheek. I thought it was funny, just couldn't resist commenting.

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I use Marthrangul and Kaladrax for my Dragon demos. T'Raukzul is too klunky for me (to finish assembling and gap-filling, mostly) and Verocithrax turns my stomach sometimes when I look at him. (this is an effective sculpt). I want to finish Gauth, and for reasons which will become clear, I'm really looking forward to Viridius.

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Went out to dinner last night with my friends. We were talking about having a 3,000 point per side game, using dragons as the warlord. Pretty much, the dragon in the Generics would become a Warlord for whatever faction you choose. Its stats would remain the same except Generic/Neutral would become the same as the rest of the group, while Troop Size would be 3-12/2, like most of the other Warlords.


Blake was suggesting I get Viridius as the Elven Dragon Warlord.

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