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Does anybody know how Freebooter figures compare in size to regular 28mm figures? Are they teeny-tiny (ie: Hasslefree) or "normal" size (ie: Reaper, GW, etc.)? :huh:


Tommy. ::):

not sure what you mean about hasslefree being that small-they seem around same scale as most other comapnies. spyglass, on the other hand, are a tad smaller than most (but still larger than old skool partha and grenadier), but hey, most are elf chicks-they are supposed to be small. i prefer this as it gives some realistic height variation in our miniature universe.

on the other hand, i was going to use dnarg the slayer for a dark elf character of mine, but hes a darn warlord figure, and a tall one at that. i just cant see having a little drow tower over other elves and even humans. doh!

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