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You know I thought long and hard aobut his, and it has to be "It feels good to be a Gangster", by the Bullet Boys.


Why? Because there is a certain arrogance about this song that puts me in exactly the state of mind I have to be in to play hockey. A goalie has to be a little cocky, so its one of hte songs I always listen to ton the way to the rink.


The second reason is because of the movie Office Space. Everytime I start hating my job I watch that movie, and remember what life was like when I worked for Gateway Computers. Just like the movie! When ever I hear that song I think of the movie, then Gateway, then how thankful I am to be out of the cubical farm! :B):

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For me its the following songs.



"Simple Man" by Shine Down Great song that puts things in perspective. ::):



"After the Flesh" by My life with the thrill kill kult. Also found on the Crow Soundtrack (one of the best movies ever made!) Having a bad day and need to vent song. :devil:



"Do'in Time" & "What I got" by Sublime Just chillin music. :blues:



"No Sleep till Brooklyn" by Beastie Boys I work weekend nights in a art museum its the theme song for all of us.



Many other cool songs but here are the first few that came to mind.

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