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Hellion 28mm CAVs


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I didn't even know the Scorp was in production, and it was sold out. I'm really, really, hoping this won't happen again, cause, I really can't check all the boards every day to make sure I don't miss the announcement, and I can't be sure of having the funds for the very narrow window that the kits are available.


I must have the Despot.


'Course, if I miss it, it'll just be another $30-$60 US for DLD Productions....

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AICOM? *Starts whining again*


One guy converted his Dictator into a Tau craft:



They look a little small to be in scale with heroic 28mm - but only slightly so... you could totally cram a pilot and wizzo in one.





hehe... one more link cause I can't get tired of looking at this thing.




So very sad I didn't get one. :(

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Just to twist this subject:


1) Gundam series kits in 1/60 and 1/100 would also qualify as CAVs, as would Macross models in 1/72nd and Dougram kits in 1/48th. The Patlabor kits in 1/60 might be a little small for the job of CAV, tho'. The Gundam series also provides extra weapons sets.


2) I've already found plenty of Dollar Store toys that match 1/60 scale, at least vehicles. I have a squadron of tanks (including a couple of Galoob "Battle Squads" tanks)--and the "Zoom Copter" toys are nearly to scale as well, if you want scout and transport helos.


3) Want a Tsuiseki? A-10 Thunderbolt in 1/48th scale.


They're made by Revell, Tamiya and Zhengdefu. You can get two or three of these for the cost of one CAV. :devil:

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