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I just got the sweetest package I have recieved in months. The Warlord Rulebook is OFFICIALLY and FINALLY here, in all it's full-color hardbacked glory! Having see the black and white version, and not the full-color version, I can promise you that this rulebook will blow you away!


The B&W did no justice to the final product. The painting guide is simply stunning. The artwork pops off the page. It's truly a beautiful thing.


The wait is over, and it was worth it!!!! ::D:

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Now I am having images of GW executives muttering under their breath.


Not Yellow Book...


Okay, this is making sense in my head. The Verizon yellow pages versus the "other book" ads. Maybe it's a more local thing. I'm over caffeinated now.


And I know Warlord is a purplish hue, so maybe this really isn't making a ton of sense.

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