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Dune: Land of Sand


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After looking around, trying to find your contact, you see an Atreides officer approaching you.


"You Sebastien or Caleb?" he asks you in a unprovoking, but still impolite manner. You can tell he is a bit annoyed...


"I though those Fremen told you to come over there! Alright, follow me. Hallack is waiting..." he says, then began walking back to the truck.


"Again, my apologies, sir. Don't know why we even bother trying to ally ourselves with them sand-people. Can't trust someone who lives off his own body water, that's what I say..." the officer began ranting.

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Caleb lets out a hearty laugh and says to the Atreides officer, "It is no problem at all Thomas. Your right about water though. Act too open with it and your throat will get cut. Sadly I do not have one of those miraculous suits that the fremen wear. I would pay dearly for one. It cut down on my water budget by hundreds."

Caleb lipped his chapped lips and takes a big gulp of his water. "Even here one cannot escape the damnable heat."

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"Sorry they didn't address me only Caleb and while we travelled together I didn't realise that he was also attending this meeting."


"Forgive my ignorance but I know nothing about the people or customs of this planet. Just that it is hot, damn hot all the time."


Sebastian walks over to the truck and hauls himself into it nodding to Caleb "Seems our travels continue to be together." He gives the Fremen the same amount of attention as they gave him, none at all.

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"Alright, we wasted enough time. Let's go."


The officer climbed onto the driver's seat, and started the truck.


After a few minutes later, the truck left the starport with the group aboard, and was roving through the town's streets. It was still early, and the town was bustling with activity. Stores were open, and bazaars were filled with peddlers trying to sell their goods. There were a few merchant trucks moving goods from the starport to the various shops.


Suddenly, the truck then began to climb a slope that led to a large, metal gate. From beyond the chrome bars, you could see that a marble mansion was built upon the rocky hill, giving the building a tall view over the spaceport town, along with some of the sand dunes that lies beyond the safety of the rock layers.


An Atreides soldier, wearing the dark blue and red uniform of the house, checked the officer's papers, saluted, then opened the gate.


The truck continued up the road until it stopped in front of the building. The eddifice was large, and mostly built out of blocks of white marble. Two poles held flags bearing the Atreides Hawk, the heraldry of the house. A set of steps led up to the large double doors, flanked by two more Atreides troopers.


"Here we are. Welcome to Villa Bandora! Commander Halleck and Mentat Hawat are waiting for you in the conference room. I will wait here until further orders. Thomas will show you around..." the officer said.

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Thomas lead the group to the mansion. The two guards at the door saluted him as he walked inside. The group was ushered up the main stairs to a large double doors. As you enter, the sun shone in your eyes a bit.




The conference office was a large, oblong room with a huge table situated at it's center, surrounded by enough chairs to sit a whole general's retinue. The massive window gave a breath-taking view over the mountainous rock formations and sand plains that stretched into the horizon.


A figure sat at the table. He was dressed in a more intricate Atreides Officer's uniform, and was decorated with many medals, the sign of a higher-ranking official. He had a wise and elegant sature, sitting straight and observing the team carefully, yet politely.


As the group entered, the man stood up.


"Greetings. I am Mentat Thufir Hawat of House Atreides." the elegant man said, then walked over to one of the windows.


" I trust your trip to our humble abode was a pleasant one, yes?" Hawat asked the mercenaries.


"Do sit down. We will begin as soon as the other officers arrive. Please, help yourself..." Hawat said with a smile, pointing to a tray on the table. There was a pot of Spice Coffee and a stack of metal cups neatly arranged on it.

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