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NECROMANCY! [ additional terms and conditions apply ]


Necromancy gently* peels away the layers of old, tired skin** to reveal the true you! Young, vibrant, gleaming***! Aglow with vitality ****!


NECROMANCY! Reveal the inner you*****!


TESTIMONIAL: "I'd tried bathing in the blood of a dozen virgins, but even the vilest of blood-magic wasn't getting the results I deserve! A friend put me on to Necromancy, and after only a week, during which I tortured her to death in worship of the Dark and Nameless Thing I now worship as a god, I saw TOTAL RESULTS!" -Malek Blackmarrow



[ terms and conditions ]


* slowly


** and soft tissue


*** bone


**** and the horrific nimbus of Damnation's own fires.


***** corroded and pitted with countless years and endless evil.

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