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Cav data cards

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Heck all I want is the updated JoR points for the GKW-14 guns for the special edition dictators  :)


Gotta say "heck" because the H - E - double hockey sticks might get bleeped by the censor.  Already got hit by that one earlier today.... lol

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To the original question, no. Can PDFs of the datacards be posted, no.


At some point a few data cards will be made available, but they'll be on the Reaper website.


1) The "original 8" CAVs will be

2) Datacards that have errors when they went to print will be made available

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Well, dang! †I wish the BL members I know we have here in Denver would run some of those official type game things! †:P

Hey Gobbo, just ask them to run a warmaster tourneyment, that is the only offical way to win the GWK-14 Dictator. This is a limited edition miniature that you can only win and requires a letter that you won it in order to use it in offical games.


Denver is a little out of my six hour range for conventions but if you find yourself a little farther east feel free to check my website (link below) to see where the next convention is because I try to run atleast one Warmaster at each convention.


For a really cool read on the Warmaster Tourneyment, read the novel "The Big Dance"

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