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Ogres in thongs!

Froggy the Great

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Ooooooooookeydokey :mellow:


I suppose they're just trying to prevent unsightly undergarment-lines when they dress up to go dancing ?


...or maybe they don't want a rash?


Could be worse.


They COULD be wearing those edible kind of underpants.


Eww..did I just actually type THAT?


i THINK it's bedtime now.

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Thankyou for not painting them flesh-tone!


They're pretty good. I'm not sure weather or not you want to be drawing attention to their butt floss or not. Maybe a greeny brownish cloth would be less notable and not say "look at my ogre sized crack" like the white cloth does.


The bottom one has a sporran. I wonder if it would look good to paint his loincloth like a kilt.


Good job!

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