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Warlord Deathmatch teams

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Okay, I'm going to be running Warlord Deathmatch at a con in a couple weeks. With the release of official datacards, I changed the Deathmatch rules so that each team is any three Warlord models with any upgrades, but no spells can be purchased.


Now, could you kind folks help me come up with pre-gen teams?

That's 3 models, 300 points, no spells.


Thanks much.

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How about:



  • Lupin Lord (140)
  • Lupin Shaman (91)
  • Miotaur of the Maze (67)
  • TOTAL = 298

The Lupin Shaman has innate bless that could come in handy.



  • Selwyn, Vale Captain (103)
  • Lysette (48)
  • Giant Eagle (135)
  • TOTAL = 286

I would only bring Lysette if you are going to have random spells lying around.


Just a few for thought.


Good Luck




(Edited to take out dispel from Lysette)

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