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OK this is my first post here and it's due to this product and the others of WorldWorks Games that I have been looking at Warlord the game (sadly not in Australia yet ::(: ). I have been wanting a game that is not D20 and still has the flexability to be fun -Not the Evil Empire either.

(Sorry if I not ment to post pics in the post!!!!)



anyway have a gander at this:



CastleWorks Ultimate released from World Works Games

Design literally any style of castle as large or as small as you can imagine! From Keep to Palace, the straight and curved wall sections combine with modular towers to perfectly match your vision. Add hot-swappable crenelations or hoardings wherever


you need them most, simply drop them on your wall sections and you’re ready for battle. Build double or triple high wall sections and access them with stone staircases or a complex network of ladders and catwalks. And these models aren’t just “pretty” to look at on the outside either; each tower section opens up to reveal fully detailed interiors with removable flooring. Build your towers as short or as tall as you desire! Finish your curtain walls off with a FULLY FUNCTIONING Gatehouse that will surprise and mystify your players!


CastleWorks Ultimate also includes the most modular courtyard buildings ever devised. With exquisite exterior and interior detail in both brick and whitewash, these room modules can be stacked high or joined together to create massive superstructures or small hovels. Choose between three different roof varieties or decorate with dozens of windows, doors, signs and flag designs. With these elements alone you could potentially create an entire village.


CastleWorks Ultimate is perfectly scaled to accommodate both 1-inch & 1.5-inch miniatures. Many items have duel formats to make them cross compatible with both base sizes.


There is also a free sample available for you to build and use!


See for yourself at:



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I'm busily folding away on this set (as well as the Maiden) right now. I have to say, WWG's stuff is tres sweet.


btw LAW, you might want to just post a link to Denny's site, linking that pic driectly is just sucking bandwidth from his server. ^_^

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is there a way to order this stuff without downloading the PDF.  Can I order it prePrinted?  If so does it come on HEAVY card stock or would it be better to just get the pdf, buy the paper and print it out myself?

Denny (WWG's owner) did release one of the sets preprinted. "Chunky Dungeons," it was $39 iirc and it sold out (though I've seen 1-2 copies here and there in FLGS's). His plan is to release more sets preprinted. They come on heavy cardstock (110# I think) and with a CD of the files for self-printing.


Printing it yourself isn't that bad, though it can put a strain on your inkjet cartridges. :poke: The biggest time/effort issue with the sets is cutting an folding, which you'd have to do either way. If you enjoy things like painting minis (which I assume most folks on the Reaper boards do ::P: ) then you'll probably have fun with this as well. My advice is pick up one of the sets and give it a try. CWU is the newest -and arguably most impressive- of the sets, but something like Castles & Keeps, Gothic Realms, or Caveworks is really good for dungeon crawl terrrain. i.e. mapping out rooms and tunnels, etc. Like this:




or this-




Hope this helps! ::):

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:wow: You are evil.  I already have too much invested in Master Maze.  That stuff looks pretty awesome for what it is...  Anyone used it long enough to vouch for durability?

I first bought my WWG stuff a little over a year ago. Nothing I've built has fallen apart yet. ::):


My Moria stuff is permanently mounted and glued, but the rest of it is mostly modular (walls & corridors, etc.) that I use to map an encounter, then break down again when finshed (like the cave sections in the picture above).


Once in a while, a piece needs a little glue at the edges or something, but that's about it.

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