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Finishing off a model w/ Tough SA

Super Jag

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It doesn't matter if you start in bas-to-base or not; when one melees, they all melee, if that is what you want them to do.

Yes. I was addressing two separate issues and my post was confusing. Meaning was only that you have two actions if you start in base to base. Resolution of combat actions at the same time for all troops applies regardless of start position.


Since "Pass" is one of a Models Action Phase Options I wouldn't use that word for a model waiting for opportunities like loot and Coup de Grace. If you pass your model cannot do any action in that phase. Nit-picking here but it may prevent misunderstandings.

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Let's say my 3 models (X,Y,Z) are attacking opponent (A) who had Tough special ability...


My first model X manages to exceed the total damage tracks that opponent A can withstand. Because Y & Z declared attacks, their attacks are just lost, right? Or, do their remaining attacks somehow have a chance in this same action phase to "coup de grace" opponent A since my first model "stunned" him?


I think I know the answer... just want some verification.


I'm thinking that A is just stunned and in a subsequent phase X,Y or Z could just loot & coup de grace him and then move elsewhere.

If more than 1 number models had moved into Base to Base, then they have 1 Action remaining.


If all of them delclare they are making Melee Attacks, then none of them may loot/Coup de Grace.


It is legal for any number of them to declare Melee Attacks, and at least 1 remaining model to delcare 'No Melee Attack". Assuming those with Melee Attacks declared successfully "Stun" a Tough/x Model, the remaining model still has an action remaining, and MAY Loot/Coup de Grace.


If those models which took Melee Attacks failed to stun the defender, the model that declared No Melee Attack amy not now choose to Melee Attack. That Model may be forced to pass.


In your example, Y&Z Cannot Coup de Grace/Loot. You may declare X&Y as attackers and Z as not attacking, in which case Z May Loot/Coup de Grace.


If, in your example X,Y & Z began in Base to base, they can Attack with their combat action, and then Loot with their non-Combat Action.

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Good... I'm getting the hang of this. Now, how about stretching this scenario a bit more?


X,Y & Z versus A all starting in base to base.


1st actionYou may declare X&Y as attackers and Z as not attacking, in which case Z May Loot/Coup de Grace.


So, technically, the phrase "Z as not attacking"... does that mean Z has opted to PASS during the first action thus leaving him with only one more action which is how he hopefully will perform a Coup de Grace?

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In your example Z is just not participating in melee combat. Because they began in base to base contact X & Y still have one non combat action available which could be Loot. Z has two non combat actions or one non-combat and one combat (other than melee attack). Z may for example Loot/C de G and, if capable of ranged attack, fire on a target if ranged attacks are conducted for the troop at that time.

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