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Ardynn, The Slayer


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I converted this guy by chopping off his sword and giving him an Xbow.

I had heard some discussion about the lack of Minis using crossbows as their main weapon, so I had a go at it.


The object in his left hand reminded me of Binoculars so I thought the Xbow was a good match...like he is standing on mound trying to get that Eagle-Eye view he needs to command his troops from a safe distance while he plucks off the enemy one by one. hehe.


I must say, that purple is definately not my favorite color right now. It's a tough one to highlight properly...


The freehand design on his cloak is the Elven Faction symbol from Warlord...


well, hope you likey.

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I think the Xbow was a great idea it looks very deadly. Th scroll he has in his hand does kinda look like binocoulaurs. Th face is very welldone, he has a very comanding feel to him. The emblem and the runes on th cloak is a great addition adding great character to the mini.

I would have added one extra highlight on the gold NMM I use buckskin as my finale highlight with gold NMM I find it works pretty well.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback, much obliged.


@VL; thanks, I'll have to try that buckskin idea.


@TtheS, Zordana, Enchantra and Talespinner; Thank you for you compliments!


@SK; Thanks. Which side do you want to see? Lemme know, I'll work up another shot. The cloak was a total pain to photo. It looks way different in RL. What I"ve learned about painting purple cloaks is this...start from a black or near black basecoat and then work your way up to purple and on to the highlights. I had a hard time working on that sucker because I based it in dark Purple. I had to go back and shade the folds...really time consuming and still not deep enough shading. Oh well, live and learn yeah?

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