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Warlord Errata & Rules Clarifications


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Defensive Magic and Dispel

If the spellcasting model is the direct (the declared target) or indirect (caught in the area of effect) it may perform Defensive Magic. In the case of Dispel, if the Dispel is successful, the spell cast is neutralized. In the case of an Area of Effect Spell (Firestorm, Fireball) the Dispel cancels the spell (as if it was never cast). Dispel may also be used to neutralize lingering effects such as Shaken tokens, etc. A Dispelled spell is considered "successful" for purposes of Familiars.


Dispel uses Non-Attack Spell Resolution (roll versus 10) when:

a) Dispel is being cast to cancel a lingering spell effect (for example Shaken tokens)

b) The Model is caught in the Area of Effect of another spellcasting Model's Spell and wishes to use its Dispel spell as its Defensive Magic reaction


Dispel uses Attack Spell Resolution (roll versus casting Model's MD) when:

a) The Model with both Defensive Magic and Dispel is the direct target of a spell that has no Area of Effect. Usually these types of spells affect only one target (like Ice Shards, Slow, Bolt, etc.).


Horrid, Vile, Empowered, Holy, and Declaring Charges

These checks are performed at the time the action is declared, not after completing the movement. Therefore if a Model fails its Horrid/Vile/Holy/Empowered/etc. roll then it does not move from its position (it balks, i.e. refuses to carry out the order). The Action is declared and failed due to another Model's special abilities, therefore the declared Action is lost.

Example: A group of 5 warriors gets the initiative. The player declares that they will conduct Movement to attack a Horrid Model. Discipline Checks are rolled. 3 Warriors fail and 2 succeed. The 2 that succeed are able to conduct Movement as declared. They close into base-to-base and then conduct Close Combat (their second Action). The 3 that failed their Discipline check lose their declared Movement Action. They still have their second Action and may attempt again to conduct Movement and come into base-to-base contact. The controlling player declares that he will conduct Movement again for the 3 Warriors to attempt to come into base-to-base contact. Discipline checks are rolled for Horrid. This time 2 more Warriors succeed and come into base-to-base contact. However, they have performed two Actions already (the first failed Movement, the second that was successful) and may not attack since they have no Actions remaining this turn. The last Warrior model may do nothing further since it failed to conduct Movement twice (failed the Discipline check twice).


Casting Non-Attack Spells on Friendly Models

The Casting Model is always considered friendly to itself. Models that have Innate Spells and a fixed Casting Power (CP) granted by virtue of their Innate Spell already have the +2 bonus figured into the innate CP (for example Reven Leader Models with Warcry roll at CP 4, not 6).


360 and Reach

The 360 Model choses a side of its own base to become a "rear base side" for purposes of gaining the Reach bonus. Only one base side may be used for purposes of gaining the Reach bonus. This is not a true Rear Base Side so is therefore not subject to any weaknesses of being declared such (Assassin gains no benefit, if line of sight is present the Model may still return defensive strikes/shots to it, etc.).


Necropolis Point Costs

Several models have slight errors in their point costs. While the complete list of all data cards (all of them, for all factions) will be made available at ReaperGames.com when it launches, we felt the errors that somehow found their way into the Necropolis list were significant enough to post an amendment now.


All Models in the Necropolis List found in the Core rulebook except the following should be 5 points cheaper than listed.


The following Models are correct:

Judas (warlord)

Athak (sgt)

Eikar (unq. sgt)

Gargoyle (unq.monster)


Models introduced in the Factionbook Necropolis: Thule are correct.

Data Cards with the text "Rev 1.1" or higher Rev Numbers have had their costs adjusted by -5 pts already in accordance with this errata.


All Alone

Does not apply to Solos



This special ability grants no option to "bury," it simply increases a side's chances of getting the initiative by adding another card to the initiative deck.


Troops that opt to conduct a "Pass" have conducted an Action and therefore may not be activated again later.


However, in any End Phase the bonus card(s) granted by Tactician may be removed from the Draw Deck for the upcoming Turn or placed back into the Draw Deck if previously removed (assuming the Model with Tactician is still in play).


Crusader Army Special Ability: Mercy

May be offered during a Troop's own Action Phase only (i.e. not with Defensive Strikes) and only following Close Combat (i.e. not with Ranged Combat or Magic).


Defensive (fill in the blank)

When returning "Defensive" attacks, a Model must choose to either return Defensive Strikes, Defensive Magic, or Defensive Shots. A Model cannot return more than one kind of Defensive Attack. Warmaster allows a Model to return multiple Defensive Strikes, and Strikes only.


Warcry and "Any Models"

As per the text of the Spell - Warcry affects ANY MODEL in the Area of Effect, not only Reven or just Reven Models. "Warcry" sustains battle, not just Reven in battle.


Skeletal Breakers

Discipline 4, not 9


Models with Flyer SA

The listed Mov on the datacard is the Model's Mov when in Flight. When a Model with Flyer is not in Flight its Mov is always considered 3 and uses the normal ground based Terrain Movement Cost Modifiers.


Elf Army Special Ability: Feathered Sky

Clarification of "Elves are able to Volley when others cannot..." Elves do not require a minimum of Five Models to Volley and instead only use "number of attacks" as per the Elf Volley Chart on page 110. Thus if two elves have 2 Ranged Attacks each (4 attacks total) these two Models may Volley with a 1" radius as per the Elf Volley Chart.

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