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Infantry dedicated spotter


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Ok everyone, we all are familiar with our mortar teams having to rely on a CAV to help them attain TL and blast some hapless victim to bits. †


I'm throwing out the idea to y'all the idea of a type of "weapon/device" an infantry could use in place of a weapon to give them chain lock and improve their TL by +1.  I'm thinking this more for IF attacks, but it wouldn't hurt to for DF attacks with missles too.†


It would be the dedicated infantry spotter concept. †Make the cost of it around 25 pts and require 2 pw.

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Chain Lock pod is already avalible to infantry.

The ECCM Pod is also avalible to infantry.


So what your looking for is a better target lock? Like an improved target Lock Pod?


I'll be the first to admit that target Lock for Infantry sucks rearwind. Especialy when you concider thier limited movement and armor capabilities.


So a targeting computer, in place of both weapons, allowed on a stand of infantry,( a lap top with orbital communication ability), sounds like a more fair manner to get a better target lock for squishies. Tru you lose the ability of two attacks but with a much improved target lock. Avalible to only infantry.

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Thanks for the input guys.


To clarify things, the idea is to improve TL attempt for IF weapons, maybe DF weapons,  and only losing 1 weapon avalible.  Make it about 15-20pts and require 2pw to operate.  


A light infantry unit with chain lock and the spotter pod would be maxed out on power to use them in 1 turn, but heavy infantry would have no problems.

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