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Questions on a few Special Abilities

Super Jag

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1. Runner... My model (MV 5) has Runner/2. For purposes of movement during BOTH actions he gets to add that bonus to his movement. Does he add that 2 inches to each action of movement for a total of 14 inches -OR- does he only add 2 inches to one of his action movements for a total of 12 inches?


2. Scrye Shot... What level of obstruction does it ignore? Are we talking about ignoring terrain that paritally covers a target but still grants LOS -AND/OR- are we talking about the scrye shooter being able to see through ANY blocking terrain and where he doesn't actually have LOS?


3. Fearless... As it relates to "Undead" models, do the "undead" models who have lost cohesion still have to lose their fearless ability? Seems like "Undead" wouldn't lose their fearlessness.


And the Healing Magic type spells question... Could a cleric cast a healing spell (bandage, cure) on a STUNNED troop and revive him -OR- would the stunned model have to recover first before he can be healed?


Thank yew fer yer serport... ::):

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1. He can run 12 inches without engaging anyone. If he can engage, he can charge 9 inches and attack, or use two moves to get 14 inches (5 from the initial move, and 9 from the charge) but gets no attacks (great for enaging archers).


2. Ignores any blocking terrain (you could choose to make it impossible to attack a target completely isolated in a terrain piece e.g. if the target is in a cell with a closed solid door). Line of sight encompasses other models and terrain.


3. The way the rules read is that they do lose their fealess ability.


4. Bandage, Cure, and Warcry can all be cast on stunned models.

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