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Ivan Vampire Wizard


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This is a WIP...a little tougher to paint than he looked. Lots of shallow piping and angular jutty things.


Tomorrow I'm going to spend much of the day freehanding a design on his cape, with a cape that size, how can I resist?


The gold is basecoat Scorched Earth, SE mixed with Beasty Brown, SE + BB mixed with Snakebite, BB + SB, SB alone, SB + Buff, Buff alone, Buff + Pale Sand, PS alone, Ivory final highlights.


This stuff looks like real gold IMHO. Anyways, been squinting at him so long that I wanted to see him up close on the camera, helps me check for mistakes or errors before finalizing, just thought I'd give you all a peek as well.

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Looks great so far, DS! That gold is super-sweet. Very dynamic. Can't wait to see him done!


P.S. Looks like you got a lil dot of red paint on the back of his cloak there. ;)

Yeah, OOPS! hehe. I'll cover it tomorrow, with about 15 layers of paint. ::D:


Got the freehand idea already, my hand is a bit cramped or I would be working on it right now...


until the meantime...Thank God for Real Irish Whiskey! Whhooooohooooo!! ::D:

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Good start on the Vampire - he's definitely a challenging mini. I haven't started on him yet (probably will be a while before I do). I can't wait to ssee your finished model!


I've never been able to drink *anything* while performing any sort of manual dexterity related task.... well... except for bowling... good luck on the hand cramps... I know them well !!!!



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I really like what you have so far. It looks to me that you are using a tech similar to your NHH on the sleeve of his right arm. You are one of the more experimental painters on the boards and it is one of the reasons I enjoy your work so much. You are always trying new things which makes me look forward to seeing your next piece.


Thanks for sharing

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Thanks all for the comments...very kind.


SK, yeah, he is really stiff, and I prefer Klockes female sculpts mostly...This is one serious piece of pewter, very weighty in hand. And, IMO the right arm seems too long because the cloak is too short, I dunno, it's weird.


NK, Dead plant...I like that :mellow: I was thinking it was going to be just graveyard dirt, but it DOES look like wilted IcePlant or something...interesting, I'll work with that idea. Thanks!


DM, The sleeve is a bit different than the NHH (Non Hair Hair ::P: ) this time I used ink washes *gasp!* to acheive the shading...you're right, I'm always experimenting with different things...especially since I got some new equipment, fun stuff.


Okay, expect the finished deal tonight...have a good one!

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That is some great looking NMM gold.


What did you use for the base?

The base is done by starting with some milliput to make a little mound on top of the base, pressing the mini into the top to mark where he is most balanced.

Then, I let that cure overnight.

Next day I put another layer of milliput over the cured bulk.

Into this layer I press some little craft stones to resemble a rock pile, or dungeon floor.

I then drill out the mini, and the base with a wide gauge drill bit in my Dremel.

In this case, the mini was really heavy so I wanted to pin him good. Instead of a paperclip to pin him to the base, I used an old drill bit. You could throw this guy at a rock and he wouldn't come apart.

Once he's pinned, I added sand and kitty litter to the base to flock it. Not the easiest base to make, but I had done a similar base on an Illithid before so I had a plan at least.

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