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2745 Ulern, Anti-Paladin


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Greetings all, I'm looking for advice on this one... I think all that remains is bringing his skin highlights up a bit. Currently I intend to avoid freehand on the cloak as he's a spooooky character ... but may be up to suggestions otherwise...

hep me hep me!!!




Thanks in advance!

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I love this scupt. It would have been one of my favorite scupts if not for the giant skull slippers he is wearing and the skull cloak pin could disappear too. But that has nothing to do with your paint job.


I am particularly interested in this piece as I am struggling with highlighting black. I see on the breast plate you used a lot of a brownish gray with a hot spot for the curvature of the plate. For most of the cloth it looks like you used extreme highlights taking a white of light gray only on the highest of the creases. Is there also a slightly wider layer of a darker gray under the brightest highlights?



I also love how smooth all of your blends are. The only thing that bothers me has to do with color. It appears to me that the NMM gold has a lot of green in it and causes a slight conflict between the face and gold. It could be me, it could be my monitor, but I thought I would bring it up. It may be the other greens now that I look at it again. Never mind I am just an idiot ::D:

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Digital: Yer right.. I'll gray the skin out (as I lighten it) to get it in harmony with the gold, black, and greens... I agree that the skulls on the feet are a bit funky (which is why I left them black).


Ravenstar: Yup, it's a Reaper: 2745 Ulern, Anti-Paladin


Brumbor & Digital: How I did the blacks


On the armor, I did more of a "hotspot" highlight (as Digital mentioned). On the cloth, I did several wide layers and rapidly increased to only the accentuated folds. After the black base, I graduated towards white (but don't think I ended up brighter than Pro Paint Dove Gray in value.) I initially used a concrete like color to highlight the black (in this case a blend 1/1/1 blend of ghoul grey, shield brown, and caucasian). Yes, this "concrete" has a little bit of green in it.


The layers I used:


1) Black

2) 10 part Black + 1 part concrete

3) Thin to desired consistency

4) + 1 part concrete

5) + 1 part concrete

6) + 1 part concrete

7) + 2 part concrete

8) + 2 part dove gray

9) + 1 part white

10) + 2 part white


Below is an illustration of the size of the highlight area for the different types of material on the miniature.


The "speed" of the armour highlights was like this









The "speed of the cloth highlights was like this









Hopefully, I've done a halfway decent job of explaining how I did the black... Ah yes. One more thing. Let each layer DRY thoroughly before continuing. Blends appear better than they are when they are still wet.


Thanks for the comments so far folks - keep 'em coming - I want the composition on this one to be tight!



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Definately the best one I've seen. The white eyebrows are really a nice touch. The color scheme as a whole is very classic. I don't know about the skintones, I mean, I don't know what he's supposed to be...undead? Half Orc? It looks good though.


Suggestions, take the sword higher with the highlights. Put some work into the spot on his sword arm under the leaves. Otherwise...stay put...this one is awesome.

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Yup - he's supposed to be undead... kind of a funny story. I recently started playing with undead skintones and once I found one I liked... I had alot more than I originally intended. To make a short story long... I looked at all of my primed mini's and nominated some as Vampires & Undeadish types. One of the others I painted with this base-color was the Sisters of the blade sergeant for Warlord. She has such a fierce expression that I'm going to make a vampire out of her...


I've been staring at the piccie and thinking just the same thing about the sword... missed the arm highlights... good thing I've got a recipe....


Oh how I ramble,

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If you have one, I would love to see a picture from the back .

Okee - here's a rear photo... although the blade looks jaggy... I think it's my camera angle & resolution battling the blade... maybe a glaze on the shoulder pad... there's some sort of funk at the bottom of it...



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Yup, I need to work on the face a bit more and that'll be a few days away... the RAC is over and I'm in Real-Life now... arg!!!


IIRC The gold... was:



1 part Walnut to 2 part Griffon Tan

Griffon Tan

1 part Griffon Tan to 1 part Desert Gold (It's possible that I'm making this step up)

Desert Gold


Linen White

Dragon White


Speaking of which... the Templar gold substituted Spring Yellow for the Desert Gold... I need to remember to post that to the Templar thread....



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