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Blowthrough and flyers

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Given the case of a flying dragon, or a Banshee on a rooftop, or some other similar situation, how do you measure their blowthrough attack when determining which models get hit?


1. Do you measure the range straight out, then whatever bases are under the line get hit, even though the dragon is 2", 3", or 8" above the group?


2. Do you measure from the base edge to a point on the ground, and any model through whom the line could reasonably pass gets hit?

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We had this same question on Saturday (read my topic on flyers vs rangeless armies).

My reven archers were all lined up in a nice little row. On the dragon's turn, it flew to the side of them and attempted to torch all 6 of them with blowthrough.

We disagreed as to wether or not that was legit, since the dragon was flying. it seemed to me that since it was way up in the air, it's ranged attack would be at a pretty steep angle and shouldn't hit all the troops. We ended up agreeing that it was a grey area in the rules, and allowed the blowthrough to all 6 archers (and the seargent at the end). 7 die rolls later, and I had 6 dead archers and a dead seargent. :down:

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K. I. S. S. Go with option 1 and measure out 12" (or whatever) from the base of the "flying" mini. Adjusting the attack for hight would make things more difficult. Logically, if an attack were adjusted for hight then the model could make the attack while moving, causing it to be even more lethal.


Besides, the attack does get weaker (looses -1) for each new target, so it gets harder for your opponent to hit as he/she goes along.

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When we did Demos at Gen Con and Origins, we just measured out 12 inches from the base, whether flying or not. There is not a rule in the book for units in flight for this other than you are a -1 to hit them. If you aim at them from the ground, you don't subtract range either, that is what the -1 is for. yes Blowthrough is very devastating.


Don't put your models all in a row.



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