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Is it worth it?


is miniature painting (including, time, money spent etc.) worth everything you put into it?  

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  1. 1. is miniature painting (including, time, money spent etc.) worth everything you put into it?

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Gaming and Painting miniatures were introduced to me just prior to my first shoulder operation. As a lifelong athlete, I found this hobby to be a TREMENDOUS help in overcoming the "bummed" out feelings that injuries/surgeries tend to bring.


Painting also tapped into an artisitic side of me that I didn't know existed. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy painting miniatures, but it has also led to numerous contracts by others to professionaly paint their miniatures.


Having said that... I personally do experience some frustration with the idea that a certain amount of expenditures (money, time away from family and other interests) are made. If I sense that I'm not putting the miniatures that I've painted to use in some gaming, then I my overall enthusiasm for the hobby does seem to diminish a bit.


I no longer collect and paint like I used to, but when I do I'm always glad I did.


Good luck with your assignment.

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Heh. Asking on the Reaper message boards if painting minis is worth the effort is like asking on the NFL.com boards if the forward pass is worth it. :lol:



Er, yes, it is worth it. I enjoy the hobby of miniature painting, I like to share my latest creations with my gaming group, and I like to see other people's creations both here and on CMON for inspiration, if not out-right theft. :ph34r:


I find the hobby relaxing and enjoyable. I really enjoy watching football on Sundays while I paint. I'm still not sure when I painted that Houston Texans logo on Mash, the Half-Ogre, but it does look nice. :wow:

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Well, a standard sliding scale fee for therapy is about $75.00 for a one hour session with an LICSW at the clinics I work with.


You figure a person with some significant issues usually has one session a week, maybe one every other week.


I think even if I tried really hard. I couldn't paint through $75 - $150 of miniatures in a two week period. If the average price for a figure is $5.00, that would be 15 figures in a week.


So, it is definitely cheaper than therapy! And your mini will probably not ask you to tell it about your mother. Granted, that is probably because most minis are more of the Cognitive-Behavioral school rather than a Freudian Psychoanalytic approach.

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