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Homemade cthonian miniature


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EDIT: New image




Hey I just got this thing done, It is a Cthonian from Brian Lumly's The Burrowers Beneath. The Base is a 2 inch round washer [black curve at botom] It could also double for various Wyrm spawn from Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but it was made for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.


Thanx to my friend tobus who took the digital photos. [conflicting scheduals prevent daylit photo shoots for my minis]




farther away [as the players want to be]



Into the mouth of madness.



It was made by:


twisting pipe cleaners [channel] into the desired form. [sorta like a pipe cleaner tree]


I then burned the outer fuzz away with a cigarette lighter.


Twisted body into pose


Used hot glue to attach to 20 cent washer


Applying Hot glue to entire form using nozzle to shape texture got the slimy textures.


I then Primed with black automotive primer


Base coated with black ink & white glue mix I had.


Spray Gloss coat 1 & 2


I added floral wire for the feeder tendrils inside the mouth that I painted purple at bottom to red tips [pic did not capture this]


Spray Gloss coat 3 & 4


Dry-brushed orange. purple, yellow and green metallics for the oil slick iridescent sheen.


Spray Gloss coat 5


mixed white glue with sand and buried wyrm's tail to make Cthonian look like it was burrowing out of the base.


edited to be more dial up friendly and to correct the pics.


EDIT: New Pic!


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Also makes me think of "From Beyond".... Well done critter considering it is all scratch built! I recently finished a diorama called "The Lesser of Two Evils" in which I had a converted/scratchbuilt Cthulhu beast about to quelf a bunch of nazis....

Man, something like your beast would make any party run in terror! Sanity checks if you please ;D

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Quelf - Kwe-elph

1) To hungrily digest something with no care for anything else. As in "quelfing down yuor Big Mac" or "quelfing down a squad of nazis"

2) To utterly destroy with no care for anything else....


Example, the giant space carrot in the "Doomsday Machine" (Original Star Trek), rampaged the galaxy, quelfing entire star systems....


Haha - gotta love those home made words... Then there is "quellish"  but that is from a movie :D

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“Flowing tentacles and a pulpy gray-black, elongated sack  of a body.…no distinguishing features at all other than the reaching, groping tentacles. or was there - yes! – a lump in the upper body of the thing…a container of sorts for the brain, ganglia, or whatever diseased organ governed this horror’s loathsome life!” – Brian Lumley, The Burrowers Beneath


Call number: F LUMLEY Titus Crow: The Burrowers Beneath  & The Transition of Titus Crow



Yeah, the first thing that came to mind, not really knowing anything about any of the previous refrences, was "holy [email protected] that looks painful!"

Regardless of what it is or where it came from, I think I'd soil myself if a DM put that out on a game table.  

Great work Frankthedm.

umm those tentacle are for draining bodily fluids* [ CON ], not for playing incubus :p   [ * and not like AoD II ]


Specificly I went with the Outer and center Tentacles thick for gasping prey with the reddish bruise colour on the draining tendrils. thus i used floral wire for hollow tubes.


Very nice. I never have the guts to modify anything. I would be two scare of screwing it up and ended up with something worse. I only modified one mini so far, simply gluing in a pair of bat wings in the back of a scantily dressed wood elf and made her a succubus.


Your succubi sounds cute, this thing was NOT hard to make at all, please try one. I am not good at modding minis either, this is why i make big monsters most of the time. The are on a scale i can work with and making them saves a few bucks on buying them from the store IF they are available. a cthonian costs 9 bucks and has a segmented body and the tentacles are too natural looking. Mythos creatures are open to interpretation and I often find RAFM's lacking in one way or another. While thier Wilbur Whately  was acurate in detail to the tale of The Dunwich Horror the sculpter forgot Wilbur was almost nine feet tall when he looked like that!


BTW Zaphod, is that picture You cosplaying as Elric?

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Well right now i am working on Some dark young of Shub-Niggurath using the pipe cleaners trees concept http://www.terragenesis.co.uk as a base design and coating with hot glue as the cthonian i did. I will have to epoxy putty some hooves for it once the body is made.


this is what a dark young[sorta] looks like.





I also am planning on a diarama of sorts where a BIG invisable THING in on the rampage. Its really a mini for it but since the thing i am basing it off of was natural invisable, doing it this way is closer to the cannon [and easier]


How you can tell IT is there;


> A human is being constricted by an invisable tentacle [ filing a U groove around his body to get the look] while he is grabbing a tree to pull away from IT.


> Fresh broken trees from the things passing. with another tree being uprooted [same U style grove for a negative of a tentacle around it.]


> Unnatural depresions in the ground from where its legs are.


The only limiting factor is that I don't want to use wires or clear plastics so i have to connect objects to one another if they are being held up by a tentacle.


I can't wait to hear a player say "I cast True Seeing!"


Inspired by


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