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A little christmas stupidity!

Mad Pat

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A Little ill conceved Christmas Ditty!


On the first day of Christmas General Drake gave to me...


1.  A Dictator from Koda Works..

2.  Two Poltergeist

3.  Three Tsuisekis

4.  Four Whisper Missiles

5.  Five Rhino's Charging (Oh ####!!)

6.  Six Puma's Flaming

7.  Seven Kikyu's strafing

8.  Eight Lance Tanks Advancing

9.  Nine Heavy Mortars Thumping

10. Ten Khan's a Creeping

11. Eleven Sovereign Suppressing

12. Twelve Ogers Stalking...(and we thought the Rhinos were bad)


Happy Holidays Gang, which ever one you celebrate!


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

AO 00092

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