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Scanned Orc Results


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Hey all .. took your advice and here's a final result:


1. Cleaned glass

2. Placed mini (complete with base) on scanner.

3. Took a small open ended box with a white piece of paper glued to the inside.

4. Covered mini, box and glass with a dark gray material.

5. Scanned image (front & back) at 600 dpi and opened it in Adobe Photo Shop.

6. Removed the background and cropped the image, applied a "auto level" filter to the mini, and tweaked the brightness a bit.


Here is my final results ... it's the best scan of a mini I've ever got !


Thanks again all .... comments welcome :-)


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It looks alot better than the results I got, but that may be due to the type scanner you are using. i had a bottom-of-the-line Canon scanner and the free software that accompanied it. Sometimes I think good photoediting software can make a greater difference in the final product than the equipment itself.


Oh.. I like your orc too. ::D:

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