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RAC pictures to share


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Thank you for the pics Debby. ::): You guys have no idea how bad I wanted to be there!



There seems to be one constant in all the pics. Lights. Lots and lots of lights. Did you guys hook up a breeder reactor out behind the building? Must have been a Megawatt flowing into that painting room! :lol:

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Great pics Dancin' Debbie!


There aren't any of you...I'll post some when I finally get this roll of film devoloped (it's not used up yet) I know I have one or two ::D:


I didn't think you got me in any but, you surprised me with 2...you're sneeky ::P: but it was great being able to shoot them off to my family


Thanks for sharing it brought back great memories and made me even more motovated to save for ReaperCon :lol:

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If Jester is going to give his airbrush demo at the next ReaperCon then I will go for that alone.


Since I found out about the ReaperCon last year I have entertained the idea of going, seeing these pictures of Jester giving an airbrush demo makes me want to do more than entertain the idea.


I have some air brush sets and an air compressor but no teacher, let alone one that can show me a technique for mini painting. ::):


Going to ReaperCon 05 could be kind of like a pilgrimage...




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Nice to put faces to so many peeps. Or um backs of heads as some go...


I didn't realize Jester was such a fricking hippie. :D

No, I am not a hippie... that would directly imply a lack of personal hygene and total disregard for laws and responsibilites.


No, I am a Renaissance (Fair) guy... you know, the kind that's 6'4, 220 lbs., looks very "dashing" in his costume, and who would GLADLY beat about the head and shoulders any knave who dares call him a hippie. Who also has the arsenal to do it with too... ^_^


Either that or I'm just weird. If I was rich, I'd be eccentric... but I'm not so I'm just weird. :B):

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