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Merlin correct point value?


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Just wondering what the correct points for the base Merlin is.


I have CAV-RC. And when you click ADD UNIT and it brings up that list of all the units, it shows "Merlin (140)". But, when you actually add a Merlin and look at it, it shows as being 130.


So, I was just wanting to verify...

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Ok, this is interesting. I just opened up the actual merlin.CAV file to look at the settings within.


And it shows Total Points=140


Yet, when I open CAV-RC and throw up a Merlin it still shows up 130.


How odd is that?


Anyone else experience this?

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Aren't there two total points cost values in the RC files. One is for the scroll menu and the other is the cost.


edit: OK there is only one value. But isn't that value only for the scroll menu. And the actual points cost is calculated ?




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