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Show off your First Minis Ever


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Here's my first mini ever. A plastic Games Workshop Dwarf Warrior circa 1993. I've been tempted to strip and repaint this bugger many times, but I keep him around for nostalgia sake.


The unintended black-lining was an artifact from the black primer. Blindly followed Mike McVey's painting pamphlet and the image on the box he came in. Gotta love the blah green flock base - retro cool!





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About 20 years ago, I tried to paint minis with some absolutely horrible results. There was so much of what now is common minis knowledge (clean the mold release off of the metal, remove mold lines, use primer, thin paints and use a clear-coat sealer when done) that no one seemed to know back then. And the only game store in the area only cared that you spent more money, there were no painting classes or paint clubs, and only one line of overpriced paint to choose from (which I couldn't afford as a kid in junior high school, the Polly S model railroad acrylics were a lot cheaper then).


So here is an example of 2 of the horrible minis from the 80's (eventually destined for Zaphod's Crappy Mini or Not page when I strip the paint off and give them a real paintjob):


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Here's the first miniature I ever painted. This is the second time I painted him though about a year ago. Imagine however, if you will, a little hobbit covered with Testors paint, no shading, barely in the lines, with bright yellow shirt and bright yellow hair, light pink skin and a dark green cloak. Two dots for eyes and a grey knife (my only attempt so far at non metal painting). Unfortunately, before I started the joys of e-bay, I stripped the mini with Pinesol and repainted him. Here's the present one..


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Well, I started painting a long time ago, some 11 years or so ago. Then I stopped. I was still gaming, but not really into the minis. Here are 2 of the first 4 I ever painted. They are Ral Partha figs I think... I am not 100% sure.


I only recently (within the last 2 years) took up painting minis as a hobby, and that was due to the quality of the Reaper Minis a friend of mine was using in his game... I am still looking for the first Reaper I did, I know he is around here somewhere. He was a rep of my character.


At any rate, here are the earth elemental, and the air elemental as i painted them back in 1990.





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LOL .... found one :-)


Sorry about the image quality ... it was a polaroid, then scanned and cropped, uggh.


It's of an Atlas and a Hunchback game pieces from the board game Battletech.


I didn't know about primer or acrylics then, paintjob was poster paint on bare plastic.


Found a couple nore pics of the Atlas, this is after stripping and re-painting




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These are in a separate thread, but since you're collecting beginning paint jobs...


Here's some bad (kitchen lighting on a red surface w/ flash and full-auto, hand-held camera) pictures of my first completed mini (i.e., it's 100% painted, based and even top-coated with a matte finish). Just started with minis, and this was about a month ago (Dec 2004).


This is an example piece done for Games Workshop's "Create a Chapter" contest, and it was good enough to get second place, despite the chapter icon looking more like an Orc symbol than a Space Marine symbol...


DSC00079.thumb.jpg DSC00080.thumb.jpg DSC00081.thumb.jpg DSC00082.thumb.jpg


The full size images can be seen by clicking the thumbnails above, or at madLemur.com (forgive the still-default PN site).

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Way back when I first started painting mini's; I used enamel paints. But then I moved and it was impractical to bring them. After moving I bought a set of GW acrylic and played with them. Here is what I got; no shading, highlighting, or even fine details. I did however experiment with washes, since my previous enamels couldn't be thinned. My photoshop-fu isn't the best, but this pic is pretty darn accurate.

I also did a "first mini" in enamels, however it's in the mail and will be here shortly. When I get it I'll take a pic and post it.


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