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New Greens!


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don't understand. What's Geiger? (other than an arithmatician with an obsessive interest in radioactive decay?)


The slithe-queen fits better with the demons we saw recently. I can't think of their names right now...but the ones that make good stand-ins for Lolth's handmaidens. Anyone remember which ones I'm talking about?


Anyway, even tho' it doesn't fit in with the slithe we've seen so far...a caterpillar doesn't look like a butterfly, so I'm cool with it.


I have a small slithe-faction & I'll add this one to it. Not sure if it will get more use as an underwater-y or a demon-y (Maybe an underwater-demon??), but it WILL get used - for evil DM porpoises!!! :ph34r::wow::lol::blink::devil:

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That captain looks like he is having a weight issue. He looks fat and no I do not mean phat.



I am diggin that undead ooze baby. But ,couldn't it just be a normal ooze? How is ooze undead? To be truthful i am quite stumped on that and will have to go ponder it and my navel for awhile.

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