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The options are rather confining, yes.


I'm most like Lil DeVille from Rugrats.




You know... that's probably what Janara looked like as a baby...before the orkish-genes took charge.


sophie.jpg >> = << janara.jpg


Kinda scary..and funny.

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y'know, I generally find these tests worthless (after reading my older sister's cosmo & realizing that they never seemed to account for attraction to other girls...hmm?).


But that said, I find this test more worthless than normal. Favorite music option include NOTHING related to jazz or classical? NOTHING related to Metal? Punk? Death Metal? Hard Core? Death Core?


So...if you like the subtleties, you don't exist in this survey...


...and if you rebel against the subtleties you don't exist in this survey.




Y'know, this would be a WEEEEE bit more understandable if they weren't playing JAZZ AND CLASSICAL all through all the best cartoon ever made.


Barber of Seville, anyone?


Flight of the Bumblebee?


"Kill 'da Wabbit!"??


What about the classic jazz version of the little wolf and the three big bad pigs??


Or the Jass version of Goldilocks?


These were WW2 classics - everybody who was anyone back then saw those two cartoons. And bugs bunny wouldn't exist practically without the incredible matching of action to some of the greatest music classical composers have ever written.


I mean, come on - wasn't it so perfect that most of us born after the dawn of the 2 TVs per household era actually believed as children that the music had been written specifically for that cartoon???


And a cartoon survey can't acknowledge either?


I mean the metal & hardcore stuff I can _kinda_ understand...it's more recent and didn't have much to do with cartoon culture.


But cartoons without classical music? And 20th century classical music without cartoons?


Neither Bugs Bunny nor Mancini would ever have become household names.


It's a darn shame that that survey was ever written that way...


(PS. Not to mention no action or SciFi movie options. Duck Dodgers, anyone? And what was every road runner cartoon but an Action movie template. I mean Indiana Jones was practically a Cartoon by itself. But this isn't quite as bad as the music question...)

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CD, you will appreciate this then...


One of the lessons my wife does for her Music class (2nd graders I think) is to tape cartoons and have her students provide the sound effects and musical score.


She has done Tom and Jerry mostly because there is usually a lot more use of the music as speech and action, versus background and theme.


She has also had the kids watch some of those classic Bugs to show how classical music can be fun.


Now her students hear "Beethoven" and start pumping their fists and cheering.

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My guess is that this survey was written by some kid still wet behind the ears who never watched Felix the Cat or Underdog and who has no real understanding of how deeply cartoons have influenced modern culture.


Don't get me wrong. I enjoy modern toons too, but of every ten on the air today, maybe one will still be around in five years, and very few will ever rise even close to the iconic level of Bugs Bunny and Popeye.

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y'know, I generally find these tests worthless (after reading my older sister's cosmo & realizing that they never seemed to account for attraction to other girls...hmm?).

The tests and guides in those mags are so funny. Saw the front cover of a magasine that claimed to contain a guide that could teach you to "always choose right". For only about $10, that's a realy bargain. Imagine always choosing the right thing, that $10 will have earned itself back within a week.



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