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Termagaunt test model... finished!


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Perhaps... :devil:




Well, here it is.. the start of my second ever 40k army. (Well, I suppose the Infestation Marker was the first, but I digress)


Other pics follow as such:


Second side view

back view

Frontish view, blurry :/

Top view


This is my rank and file painting for my 'Nids. I don't plan to go below this standard, and will actually probably go above it, especially on larger creatures. When all is said and done, the main painting took around 2 hours, with another 20 or so minutes spent on details, such as the teeth, eyes, muscle bits, and the base.


My original color mockup done in photoshop looked like this:

Color mockup


I feel that I stayed pretty close, though my green is abit more yellow, and the purple highlights aren't quite so drastic. I also decided to go with red eyes at the last minute, but I'm not sure if I like them or not... what do you think?


Now I just have 9 more to paint... and then another 32 later, when I have the money to purchase them (half will be the Hormagaunt variant, which has talons instead of a gun)... weeeeee!


Comments welcome :)

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As good as a rank and file mini needs to be. I think yellow eyes may look better (being purple's compliment) but it just comes down to taste. Maybe try different eye colors on the next couple of minis and see which you prefer once you have them in hand. You mention that the purple isn't highlighted as drastic as it is in your mock-up. Is that because there's not a brighter purple (without mixing), or simply because you didn't use it? I think it would make them more eye-catching (from a gaming standpoint) if you did a brighter highlight along the ridges. Or, you could just leave that for the big'uns... ^_^

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based upon feedback from various people, I have added some more highlighting on the purple. Nothing too drastic, but just enough to make it pop more - But to answer your question Bushido, it was simply because I chose not to.


The purple was very quick to paint, and doesn't alot of work (which is a blessing, when you have to paint so many of these buggers)... Hexed Lichen over a black base.. it covers in one coat. From there, a slightly broad highlight of 50/50 Hexed Lichen and Warlord Purple... all further highlights are pure warlord purple, though with a very thin consistancy so they can be feathered. To add the further highlights, I went along more of the edges of the carapace, as well as adding further "hotspot" highlights along the tops of the ridges.


as for the eyes.. I am torn, because the red seems to blend in with the purple, but yellow might blend in with the green...


Thank you for the comments everyone! Keep them coming ^_^

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Here's another idea I had about the eyes..glowing green. Take a page from Cyril's Space Marines Glowing Eyes tutorial over at CMON. Green Glowing eyes on a 'nid. Or, you could look at some painted Necrons that have that effect for reference. Just a thought.

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Hmm. Interesting idea, Darkstar. Though green wouldn't be a good choice, imo. Glowing red could work, but really, I think that's more work than I want to invest, right now. I'm gonna have over 40 of these critters when all is said and done, in addition to 18 genestealers, 3 Warriors, several ripper swarms, a biovore or two, and two zoanthropes... and perhaps a carnifex :devil: Is alot of bugs!


at 2 hours 30 minutes per Gaunt, that's 100 hours for all of them... figure another 42 hours for the Genestealers, 30-35 hours for the Warriors, 6 hours for the Thropes, 8 hours for the Biovores, and atleast 25 hours on the 'Fex... roughly 210 hours for everything... Ye gads... :blink: I'm scared. (and yes, I realize some people spend 300 - 400 hours on a single GD entry alone...)

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